Vail – Labor Day Weekend


Hola peeps, we were off to Vail on our long Labor Day weekend….Vail was hosting Gourmet on Gore – Open Air Tasting yummlicious food and drinks. It also hosted Farmers Market and Jazz Festival. Ours was a day trip so we tried to accommodate as much as we could, and would definitely do it again!IMG_0470

On our way driving to Vail, while I’m trying to distract my motion sickness (yes I get sick in long drives, fine with every other mode of transport).IMG_0473

First off, Farmers market which I’m obsessed with! Cant wait to check out all goodies stocked up, hubby needs to keep up with my pace!IMG_0474

Ahhhhhhh Gourmet on Gore Open Air Tasting, here I’ve successfully demolished Spicy Beef Tacos on the plate with my name spelt incorrectly. Meh don’t care, the food more than made up for it!


OK I don’t know how many of you are aware of annual Vail Rotary Duck Race (rubber ducky)! Yes you read that correctly. So you adopt a duck for $5 and let it race with thousands of other duckies! Competition among rubber duckies is Fierce. The excitement in the air was phenomenal and we got carried away (or should I be saying, sailed away) with the duckies excitement. The stream of water looked ah-mazing with all rubber ducks in it and big shout out to all volunteers who helped the duckies cross the finish line :p


Moving on, time for sugar hit! Vanilla Cake Pop (No, I don’t share my cake pop, I earned it)


After strolling for better half of the afternoon, it was time for us to sit down and appreciate how beautiful and spectacular this place is, next time I intend on staying back in this button of a town 🙂


This pic does absolutely no justice to what we saw and appreciated! Mother Nature at its best!!
IMG_0488Time for Goofiness! What’s life without that….right? Anyway water was freezin!!!

Peace Out


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