Big Shout Out – 101 Asian Fusion

We were having one of those days, where we were ultra busy and had no time to cook. By the time we realized we wanted to do takeout dinner it was 9pm. Sigh time does fly when you having fun/work! Our original plan was to grab a bite from Chipotle but those buggers close at 9pm on Friday night…..seriously who does that?!

Good ol’ Urbanspoon suggested a place called “101 Asian Fusion” and had 100% rating. In saying so, there were only 8 reviews and everyone rated 100%! So we took leap of faith and ordered asap as they would close at 10pm. We called and placed our order, the lady who answered phone was very polite and advised the food would be delivered soon! And let me tell you, soon it certainly was! Our food was delivered in 20 mins!

101 Asian Fusion Takeout

Our dinner – Chicken Red Curry with small serve of rice (appears small but it wasn’t), Vegetarian Pad Thai with Tofu, Fortune Cookies (no asian meal is complete without these lovelies) and couple of sachets of Soy Sauce.

When I pulled the containers out of the bag, I certainly wasn’t expecting this quantity of food. That curry would last me for 4 meals (considering my hubby is vegetarian). The gentleman who delivered the package was polite and courteous.

Thai Chicken Red Curry

Chicken Red Curry with Vegetables (green beans, snow peas, broccoli and red and green peppers)

Veg Pad Thai (Tofu)

Vegetarian Pad Thai with Tofu – we requested to make the dish spicy, just like Thai locals would like it…..Hubby says: It was flavorsome, tasty, decent portion size and crunchy veggies. Jeez the man can’t express for nuts!

Mountain of Rice + Curry

Started plating up din din, and emptied the mountain of steam rice and poured some delectable Chicken Red Curry. The chicken was tender, sauce was full of flavor and my taste buds had a rave party! The veggies in the curry were cooked to perfection and had beautiful crunch. The combination of tender chicken, crunchy veggies and silky smooth sauce was a sure shot winner!

Fortune Cookie

No meal is complete without Fortune Cookies 🙂

Hubby's Fate

My hubby’s fortune. I was compelled to say, Yes very thrilling time ahead of you, get Dishes done!!!

My FateHmmmm not sure, what I should be putting my hands on tonight :p

Good Night Lovelies


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