Canvas & Cocktails Night – Lovers Lane

One night we were strolling on an unknown street, and suddenly heard all this commotion (in a good way) and had a whiff of ah-mazing cocktails. So we walked in and found a bunch of people painting canvases and drinking cocktails!!! SIGH have I been living under a rock. Next day I felt compelled to call up my friends and tell em all about this place. So we decided to lock in a date!

C&C (Canvas & Cocktails) claim we do not have to be professionals or have any prior training. An extraordinary combination of alcohol and an instructor providing step by step instructions would result in artwork like never seen or heard before! Each night they conduct classes for different paintings, and their schedule for the month is published on their website (

So the painting for the night was called “Lovers Lane”. Now I’ve been told this name is synonymous with speciality store (of sorts) but I can assure you it had NOTHING to do with it.


Put your back into it!!! Signing my master piece

Every artist needs a form of intoxication to bring out the bestIMG_0424

Feeling Happy because of the final result or wine….mehh can be argued either way!



Yes, you saw it here first. In 25 years, you will find this in The Louvre….


Does this really need an explanation, although I can comment it was darn good and we weren’t driving <all smiles>IMG_0440Comparison of “artwork” with partner in crime – part dos

(my master piece on right)

The beauty of this exercise is, despite the whole class was painting the same picture they dint look exactly same. Number of factors come into play here…..lets see

1) Individual artistic skills;

2) Pace at which alcohol is absorbed in your blood stream; and

3) Some people like to add their own personal touches.

All the suppressed Michelangelo’s, Picasso’s, Bernini’s and Van Gogh’s from within us, came to the surface after a bottle of wine!

I would highly recommend everyone to visit this place. You are bound to have an awesome time with your friends, drink a little paint a little, such a fab night!


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