Cafe Paprika – Moroccan Deliciousness!


Moroccan cuisine has always intrigued my taste buds. I have perceived it as a refined combination of Berber (North African), Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Considering my love for Moroccan cuisine, on recommendation of our Limo driver we ventured into the world of Cafe Paprika.

The restaurant is very intimate with only a dozen tables and decorated with bright fabrics of Cobalt Blue, Silver, Reds etc! It’s the kind of place where the colors and brightness would instantly make you happy.


To begin with we ordered a plate of Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Falafels served with fresh bread.

The texture and flavor packed in Hummus and Baba Ghanoush was astounding. I could have easily made that my main meal. The falafels were crisp on the outside and delicious insides just melted in our mouth.

The smoky flavor of eggplant was so seamlessly blended with Tahini making it an absolute treat for our taste buds.

Throughout the course of our visit, the owner of restaurant was kind to guide us through menu. He ensured he built a rapport with each of his guests.


For the mains, I ordered Preserved Lemons and Olives Lamb Tagine served on a bed of couscous and my husband ordered Vegetarian Tagine with olives, artichokes and assorted vegetables on a bed of cous cous.

As for both our tagines, the flavors were multi dimensional, amazing and delectable. The lamb was extremely tender and full of flavor. I was advised the lamb was Halal and imported from Australia . By now my excitement had tripled knowing lamb was from Australia, having lived there I knew that’s the best lamb my taste buds ever partied with!

The vegetables in my husband’s tagine were fresh and flavorsome. The portion sizes were quite large and hence we had the rest wrapped for next day’s lunch. We wanted to savor their Baklava.


Whilst we were having our meals and going gaga, the owner aka Chakib stopped by to ensure everything was ok and continued building a rapport. It has been such a long time since I have been to a restaurant where the owner actually cared about their guests and ensured his guests have most scrumptious and satisfying meal. He said he was from Fez, Morocco and moved to Denver 23 years ago. His attention to detail was impeccable as he noticed our Mint tea glasses were low he would top it up.

For the record, please please ensure you have Mint tea!!

IMG_1301 For sweet tooth like me, to walk out of restaurant without having dessert is a SIN! I plan my whole meal around the dessert. We ordered Baklava, now Im a fussy one when it comes to this dessert. I have eaten many Baklava’s in my life which are soggy, nuts are not oozing with flavor, sickeningly sweet etc etc! I could write another post on how bad some Baklava’s could be!

Anyway, this plate was presented to me. Immediately I wonder, why would you pour so much honey and chocolate sauce on top. I’m all for fusion food, but don’t kill the soul of a classic! Ahhhhhhh first bite and I knew they were onto something. The sauce was combination of strawberry, raspberry and blue berry with orange blossom water. The orange blossom water balanced the flavor of berries and sweetness in baklava which was very refreshing. The layers of filo pastries were crisp and not sickeningly sweet. The nuts mixture was just right and its marriage with the sauce made it a veryy interesting Baklava. As for chocolate sauce swirls, it wasn’t overpowering and made it aesthetically pleasing.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this place for delightful, scrumptious meal. Thanks for taking time to read. xx

Details of Cafe Paprika: 13160 East Mississippi Av, Aurora. Closed on Friday afternoons for lunch (prayer time).


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