The Squat Challenge – 30 Days

30 Day Squat Challenge

I’ve taken up the squat challenge and I’m on day 13 today. Now by no means I have a perfect body or aspiring for perfect bod, I just want a healthy toned body. This challenge has not only motivated me but also made me realize my true potential.

Before starting the challenge I closely analyzed the daily increments in number of squats. Unfortunately I walked into this with preconceived notion that I might not be able to get past 100 squats. It sounds crazy, ridiculous and practically impossible for my body to cope with this.

Despite all my reservations and misconstrued notions I commenced the challenge. I must say day 2 and 3 was when I felt really sore. I expected that to last for rest of month due to daily increments. Anyway today I’m on Day 13 and I don’t feel sore at all. I guess my body told me it can take more and ready for the challenge. I’m more determined than ever to complete my 30th day with 250 squats.

In saying so, I haven’t stopped at squats only, it would be silly if my lower body starts looking toned and upper needs work. Therefore I have been simultaneously doing weight training for my arms. I just love and enjoy this whole process. After the challenge I intend on taking up the 30 Days Abs Challenge.

The 30 Day Fitness Challenges website has so many challenges that it can take a whole year. The word challenge in itself is motivating and preparing me to push over the edge to achieve it.

Have any of you tried these 30 day challenges? Share your experiences.


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