What Makes You Smile?


When one is faced with this question, I’ve come across very few people who can immediately respond with an answer, a definite answer. The kind of answer that imagining it, makes them smile. A warm endearing smile!

However in saying so, most of them get into the phase of umming and ahhhing for a while. You can almost read their faces going in an intense thinking foray and every brain cell is put to work.

On occasions I’ve had to say, get back to me tomorrow morning. Also had to elaborate what I meant by this question, doesn’t have to be materialistic or event specific, or person specific. It could be something so mundanely simple that in our everyday lives we don’t even think twice about it!

Is it true people with less in their lives are much happier in a true sense?

Is it true that we are so involved in everything else that we forget to sometimes cherish simple things in life?

Is it true we judge our happiness and success based on how much income we make, or the size of our houses, or cars we drive, or where we holiday, or how often we holiday?

Why is it hard to just smile to strangers? Why do we need a purpose or an agenda to smile? It warms up someone’s day, someone’s heart, someone’s soul. It’s worth it!!!

“A Smile is a Curve that Sets Everything Straight.”




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