Cervical Cancer #SmearForSmear


This week we saw Georgia May Jagger, Cara Delevingne and others support Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust by joining #smearforsmear campaign.

Smear tests (cervical screening) save 5,000 lives a year yet one in five women who are eligible to attend do not take up their invitation. For young women aged 25-29 this rises to one in three.

#SmearForSmear allows you to remind people of the importance of smear tests by sharing your lipstick smear selfie and nominating your friends to do the same.

Together we can help prevent cervical cancer. Ladies if you haven’t had a pap test in a while, I urge you to schedule your pap smear test first thing Monday morning (unless your doc works on a Sunday). It is extremely important that we stay on top of our health at all times.

I had mine in October 2014, when did you have yours?




  1. Thanks for supporting this great cause. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to have someone up in your lady bits with what seems like pipe cleaners, but in my mind this exam is not optional. Cervical cancer is so easy to reverse if caught early on. Why wouldn’t we take this precaution?
    You look beautiful, btw.

    1. Thank you:)) Without a doubt its most uncomfortable and intimidating, but you’re right early detection is the key. We go through so many other uncomfortable things in life but this test is so utterly important. Hope you’re having a great weekend xx

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