Empties Challenge

Mission Empties Strategy

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Many of you have asked and wondered how do I manage to get through so many products during the Mission Empties Challenge.

Those who don’t know what Mission Empties entails –

šŸ’£30 Days ā€œMission Emptiesā€šŸ—‘
šŸ’£Mission Aim: Use/Empty as many products as you possibly can.
šŸ’£Target/Suspects: Invade products from all categories (skincare, haircare, makeup, bodycare) are allowed to be wiped out. Itā€™s all about HOW MANYšŸ”¢ products you can slam! All sizes of products like full, deluxe sample, sachet samples…Everything.
šŸ’£This mission DOES NOT restrict from purchases during the period. These are necessities of our life and we’re merely stocking up on them.

Many of us participated in this challenge for various reasons, but behind those reasons lie our strategy of how we conquer to achieve best possible outcome.


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Reasons: because the product was half full/half empty and just sat there on the shelf,Ā because it got pushed at the back of stash, because we got carried away and got excited for newer releases, because we simply forgot about the product, becauseĀ we had too many products of the same category,Ā because we were hoarding/saving samples,Ā because we were too scared to use it all up as it was sooo good, because we strongly disliked the product and didnā€™t have the heart to throw it,Ā becauseĀ we wanted to make space for some new products but the guilt (sigh).

Strategies & Tips to be Employed:

  1. Set yourself Targets you’d like to accomplish. Many believe in keeping them realistic, personally I like to go ALL out! 4 week mission is serious crunch time, might as well go the whole hog.
  2. Pull out products from various categories (like cleanser, balm, oil, eye cream, toner etc) at the forefront. Products that are half full, neglected, close to expiration, got pushed at the back, every single one of them.
  3. Select products as if you were developing skincare routines from them.
  4. By having variety of products, you won’t loose your motivation during the 4 weeks of the mission (gives you enough opportunity to swap, change but still keep you focused).
  5. Focus all your efforts Only on these products for next 4 weeks. Try not to waver, look for group support (this sounds like Jenny Craig adšŸ˜)
  6. If you have some product, you’d procrastinate using it because you hate it or doesn’t work for you Try to repurpose any other way. As an example: don’t like moisturizer (for whatever reason) use it as body cream, don’t like shampoo use it for washing brushes, don’t like an eye cream use it as lip cream or cuticle cream. Personally I don’t believe in wastage (unless expired) so use every single product however possible. This way you will ensure you get through every single one of them.
  7. Employ family members to get through stuff you think would work for them. It takes a village for a successful Mission Empties. Silo effort will slow you down. Example: share the shampoo or body wash with your partner, spouse, kids, pets etc.
  8. Pull out some time for an eraborateĀ pamper session for yourselves, this way you’d get some time to yourself, skin is pampered and more importantly products are being used up in the process.

Our Best Possible Outcomes – most number of empties and of course…..
In the process, we learn so much about so many brands, products. Some of us learnt how to cut tubes, some of us learnt turning bottleĀ upside down toĀ really empty the product and some of us were reacquainted with the concept of commitment to a product. We also came across some fabulous Instagram accountsšŸ˜±šŸ˜˜

group effort

Top Row (L-R) - @beautyreviewsbyruth, @goldfishandfety, @hiddenharmonyworld
Middle Row (L-R)Ā - @d2baresome, @ummbaby, @ruhimaach
Bottom RowĀ (L-R) - @deszell, @YourSkinWithin, @LizAlaska

The group support and words of encouragement makes it certainly easier for every participant. Plus reviews on products helped us filter and reconsider our future purchases. The focus and commitment to the cause remains unwavered throughout the course of the Mission.

ā™»ļøImportant Note: Please ensure you Reduce environmental impact by Reusing, Recycling, and Repurposing.